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Myths about being a working mom

Let's look at the realities instead

by WoMoBook  |  8302 views  |  1 comment  |      Rate this now! 

If I work, it means my household requires two salaries. Wrong. And, who the hell are these people hypothesizing on (or even giving a hoot about) someone’s family finances? Next.

If I work (and we don’t really need two salaries), it means I’m selfish. Wrong. Seriously, can you believe this stuff? Fulfillment. Enjoyment. Success. If you get any of these things out of your job, you should not feel pressured to give it up because you’re female. No one places the “selfish” epithet on the hubby. Did we not become parents together?

If I work, it’s easier than staying at home. Let me start by saying, does it really matter who’s got the easier job? What’s wrong here is that we are even posing the comparison in the first place. There is no cop out in being a mom. All types of motherhood come with challenges. Does a WoMo have it easier because she gets a little “escape” from her wee ones? I don’t think so, and until I stop hearing this comparison, I’ll take a stand: It’s a myth. Being at home with busy tots can be exhausting, but many little ones have naptime, school and other activities that give mommy a chance to tackle household chores, a bit of socializing, or just chill out and take a breather. A WoMo works during that time, and yet she’s typically responsible for all the same parenting and household chores. Plus, once the tykes start going to school (as early as 2), a WoMo may only be away from her munchkin for a couple of hours beyond school time — throw an afternoon nap in there and it may only be an hour — yet she’s criticized for not being there. Easier? Let’s call it a draw and put a stop to the myth.

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On a whim, two career gals decided to write a tragically comic book (and blog) about the life of a working mom — "WoMo" from here on out (we got tired of typing). Visit us:

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