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The Tao of a happy full wallet

Focusing on having happy, healthy, cash flow friendly wallets instead of stressed out toxic empty wallets

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Today is the day you improve your relationship with your wallet. Today is the day you clean out the cob webs, cleanse away the negative vibes and create the energetic space to welcome abundance back into your wallet.

Most of us have a strong energetic connection to our wallets whether we realize it or not. It’s either healthy or it’s toxic.

How healthy is your relationship with your wallet?

In preparation for Christmas lets focus on all having happy, healthy cash flow friendly wallets instead of stressed out, toxic empty wallets.

Nine ways towards a happy full wallet:
  • Do you love your wallet? If you don’t love your wallet then you are simply sending the wrong vibes to the flow of your money. Your wallet goes everywhere with you. It is your constant companion. It never leaves your side you know where it is every moment of the day so you’d better make sure the energy exchange is one of love and not apathy or resentment. If you don’t think you can love your current wallet then buy a new one the feels great to touch, the colour appeals and it is logistically simple and efficient. Love your wallet.
  • Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate:

    Empty absolutely everything out of your wallet. You want your wallet to be able to breathe and welcome cash easily. A wallet crammed with old receipts, dockets, unwanted phone numbers, useless information is unloved and most certainly not a place where money is likely to hang out. If you want your wallet to attract 30% more cash then create the space by throwing out 30% stuff.

  • Cleanse, purify and uplift: Before you put the essential items back into your wallet it’s time for a bit of cleansing to remove all the stuck stagnant toxic energy. Leaving it out in the sunshine for a couple of hours works wonders but I find essential oils definitely the best for giving your wallet a whole new fabulous feel. You will notice the difference instantly, I promise. Spray your wallet lightly with a few drops of the essential oil lemon and warm water. Alternately place a few drops on a tissue and rub gently over your wallet. Lemon is very cleansing, uplifting and refreshing. It will purify negative emotions. As an additional bonus lemon offers clarity to your mind, very useful when spending money. Yeah!
  • Simplify your wallet: Only put items into your wallet that you know for sure you will use either daily or weekly. Get a wallet with as many compartments as need so you can create a simple flow to your wallets layout. Remember your wallet is not a mini filing cabinet so only keep the essentials in it. The lighter the energy in your wallet the happier it will be.
  • Notes should always be sorted: I remember watching Suze Orman years ago saying if you don’t respect your money then how can money would respect you. Suze could tell just by looking at the way a person placed their money into their wallets whether they had money or not. Those who had a healthy happy relationship with money had all their notes and coins neatly sorted. Those who were broke had totally disorganized and messy wallets. Perhaps you are somewhere in between. How you replace your coins and money back into your wallet has a huge influence over the energetic relationship you have between you, your wallet and your money.
  • The colour of your wallet: The colour of your wallet can influence your subconscious and spending behavoirs. Colour is scientifically known to effect your moods and emotions. Red indicates you may rush into spending money too quickly, brown you are very cautious about spending money possibly scared of losing it. Green is considered by many colour experts to be the most abundant colour for a wallet. Green relates to growth, spring, rejuvenation and abundance. It is a combination of both yellow and blue which activates both sides of the thinking and creative brain. Green therefore encourages the use of the whole brain in the spending and receiving of money process. I personally bought a green wallet after participating in an inspiring color therapy workshops about five years ago and I love it.
  • Fill it up with abundance: Keep your good luck $50 note always in your wallet. It is known to physiologically improve your thinking and beliefs around money. I personally in addition always keep a image that evokes a high vibration of energy such as the OM symbol or even a small crystal to help with the higher vibes.
  • Weekly maintenance: Spend a simple five minutes each week emptying the receipts and unnecessary stuff that have gathered uninvited into your wallet. The energy in your home feels dull, flat and dirty when you get behind with the house cleaning. The same energies will appear in and around your wallet when neglected for more than a month. A weekly ritual of tidying up your wallet keeps a healthy energy flow around you, your wallet and your money.
  • Happy thoughts: Always speak kindly to your wallet and money. Monitor your soundless conversations when putting money in and taking money out of your wallet. If your conversations are a little too negative then create your own little mantra for your wallet. “Money flows easily into my wallet” “My wallet is always full of money” “I love money and money loves me”

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