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Practical Strategies for Shifting the “I’m Not Enough” Gremlin

Pratical Strategies to Help Your Business Succee

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It happens to all of us small business owners. Things are hopping along in our businesses; we are growing our lists, increasing our visibility and attracting new clients, and then suddenly -- BAM! The gremlin inside you starts whispering sweet nothings, accompanied by a dull ache in your stomach or a tightening of your throat.

“You’re not really doing it right.” “What you’re doing isn’t enough…it’s not good enough, big enough, powerful enough or thorough enough.” “What are you thinking? Do you really know what you are doing?” and the “See what she’s doing... you’re just not doing it right/fast enough/making enough money"...

What starts out as a quiet question suddenly moves to a slow simmer, and then if not kept in check, it’ll rise to a full boil! The voice impacts our sleep, our creativity, our confidence, our ability to think clearly, and our willingness to take action. It’s usually thoughts running rampant through our minds, but it’s also accompanied by a variety of signals from our bodies: headaches, the inability to stay awake at our computer in the afternoon, upset stomachs, constriction in our throats, shallow breathing. And if not paid attention to, then it’ll go into the form of a cold, a sinus infection or some other physical symptom which finds a toehold in our bodies.

Everyone, business owner or not, has some versions of this destructive self-talk. From working with thousands of creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs, I know that we are often even more susceptible to this. We’re sensitive to the energy around us, we’re thoughtful and respectful of others, and we are often feelers. For passion-based business owners who want to transform lives, it’s important to acknowledge this mindset dance.

It’s even more critical to your success and business growth that you know how to deal with this common business ailment -- before it gets out of control. Here are my seven favorite tools for creating awareness and shifting your energy quickly:

1.) Morning and Evening Journaling. This doesn’t have to involve pages of witty writing. A simple list of what’s happening and how you feel will do. This reminds you to check in with your mindset, thoughts and emotions. Creating awareness of what’s going on for you twice a day will reinforce the importance of checking in with yourself. The awareness alone will create shifts in your energy and ability to shift into a more life-enhancing place if you need to. I journal every day (especially at Creative Bagel Time), and I find these journaling pages can be especially helpful reference tools for a check-in and attitude adjustment in the future.

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