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A Zen Gift For Your Children

If you had to choose just one gift, one piece of wisdom to leave with your children, what would it be?

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If you had to choose just one gift, one piece of wisdom to leave with your children what would it be?

Over the years I have reflected on this question many, many times. Asking what is the one observation in life that I know for sure will offer a helpful guiding path through any confusing, unsure or turbulent times to my children and carry them through to adulthood.

It needs to be something simple and something my intuition screams yes that’s it.

It was only after a brief encounter lying in a hospital bed for around 5 hours (I think it was the fear and illness around me that triggered the answer) that I wrote pages and pages of clear concise notes on the necessity to teach my children the lost art of stillness.

My gift to my children will be to teach them how to rest in stillness.

If my children are able to tap into their own well of stillness then all solutions, comfort, reassurance and guidance will be offered. Untainted truth lies in stillness.

Why stillness?
  • Stillness is the quiet place inside where the mind doesn’t interfere or confuse you.
  • You can tap into it anywhere, anytime any place
  • No resources or money are needed just the intention
  • Stillness offers a clear connection to your intuition
  • Stillness allows big problems all of a sudden seem small
  • Stillness creates the space so you can disconnect from the chaos around you
  • Stillness releases any stress and agitation
  • Simple solutions often arrive easily when resting in stillness
  • You feel connected to something greater than yourself when experiencing stillness
  • You know that you are never alone
  • You nurture yourself and offer your body, mind and soul deep peaceful rest
  • You learn the valuable skill of letting go and moving forward by resting in stillness
  • You will see a situation that is bothering you far more clearly when resting in stillness
  • Most importantly you feel comfortable being alone with yourself for a while

How to introduce stillness to children in a simple yet fun way:

Zen practice allows deep relaxation and tranquility to be experienced. It teaches you to strip away the mental padding of negativity and over thinking.

For children a simple guided meditation that they can relate too in a fun way and totally absorb their imagination into allows for all other things to fall away. They find themselves resting in stillness focused on the theme of the guided mediation. It may be I am calm, I am rested, I am patient, I sleep beautifully or I am safe.

It’s through my research of wanting meditation taught at my children’s local school that I found a mentor for teaching children meditation; the awesome Amy Hamilton. Amy has a Diploma of teaching, Bachelor of Education and Post graduate diploma of health promotion, Diploma of healing arts, an accredited children’s meditation facilitator and trains teachers and adults on how to teach children to meditate. She is also trained in reiki, crystal therapy and as an angel intuitive by Doreen Virtue.

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A writer, passionate blogger, traveler and work at home mother of three fabulous boys. Aiming to live life as happily, inspirationally and simply as possible.

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  • Stillness is great - i actually wish my husband could be still for longer then he is able to.... practicing this skill early in the childhood is great i think... thanks for the tips!

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