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Building Your Auction Inventory Without Spending a Penny!

Quick tips to help you make good profits on Ebay

by Jenni Hunt  |  3106 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

Many people use the slow selling season during the summer to shop and build their inventory. This really is a great time to do so – yard sales are in full swing and you can get plenty of incredible merchandise for pennies on the dollar by shopping them. Many work at home moms, however, do not have the luxury of spending when they aren’t seeing much of an income from their ebay business. Many moms have shared their story of how they turned to ebay – and every penny they make has to go towards making ends meet. (Believe me I have been there!)

What if I told you that you could get inventory without spending a cent? Seriously? Yep. I have done it! Here is my secret… TRADE. You can actually trade your used clothing (that is in decent condition) for trade credit at many consignment stores… allowing you to trade your old clothes for new clothes that you know will bring in an ebay profit.

Here are some easy to follow steps to trade successfully:

Step One: Clean out your closet and your kids closets… go through everything! Anything that is too small or something that isn’t worn anymore put into a box. You will want to have one box for each of the following:

1) Boy Fall/Winter

2) Girl Fall/Winter

3) Boy Spring/Summer

4) Boy Spring/Summer

5) Women’s/Adult Clothing

6) Maternity (current)

Step Two: Clean out the TOY BOX (Or, in my case my house!)

Step Three: Research for a good consignment shop in your area. I have conducted research in my area and have found that not all consignment shops are the same. I have one shop that I bring my non-name brand items to. They aren’t so picky about what it is I give them (as long as it is clean and decent)… but, their payout isn’t so good ($1-2 an item). Another shop that I frequent in my neighborhood offers a 45% trade credit. This is a better deal. Considering I buy most of my stuff from yard sales for less than a dollar, I am actually making money on my trade! Here are some things to ask when researching a consignment shop

1) What kinds of items do you take (boys, girls, maternity, toys?)

2) How much is your trade credit?

3) Do you give cash too or just credit?

4) Can I be present when you are inspecting my clothing?

5) How should I prepare my clothing that I am bringing in? (Many ask that you freshly launder and iron your items… and you will get more money for the items if you do!)

6) When do you accept the different seasons? (Many are still taking Spring/Summer clothing – but, not for long. Usually around June/July, they start accepting the Fall/Winter items)

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Jenni Hunt has a passion for helping other moms succeed in their work at home endeavors. She has been successful in turning her eBay business into a real business with real profits.

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  • I am getting excited about growing my E-bay business. Thank you so much for your article "Building Your Action Inventory...". I look forward to other tips you might share in the future.

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