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Set Up Your Workspace

Tips to help you be professional when working from home

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7. Maintain your supplies. Don't run out every other day for paper, printer cartridges and other supplies -- consider delivery. (I use Staples for all my supplies; their prices are very competitive. They also offer free next-day home delivery -- you cannot beat that!) Keep a running list as you use things up and re-order all at once.

8. Don't get fancy. You don't have to have an elaborate set-up to be efficient and productive. You need to be practical and make the most out of what you have. When I divorced and moved into a much smaller house, I had to reevaluate my office space and went from a large home office to an area on my back porch (it was that or a corner of my bedroom). Neither of these were practical or realistic, so I moved it all to a corner of my living room. I had to adjust my work hours to accommodate my children's schedule and I am now forced to keep it neat and organized (which is a plus). It is not ideal, but I am making what I have work -- and so can you.

No matter what your circumstances, if you decide on working at home, you can be professional and that is half the battle!

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  • I love this article! My husband and I work from home and have thought about renting a space for our business, but always decided against it. Why? We have two boys - and the idea of sending them to daycare longer so we can have a 'real office' is not appealing to us - plus our offices are set up for us - not to make an impression on others. Instead we work from home, he in the 'kitchen office' and I in the 'office office'. We chat via Skype and have our morning meetings while jogging on the beach. I wouldn't have it any other way!
    Rachel Pradhan

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