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The way you look is your personal ad

What do your clothes say about you?

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Whether you are speaking in front of an audience or just attending your child’s home room evening at school, it is important to think about how you want to be perceived by the group. Your visual presentation is important. What does it say about you? What are you selling?

When thinking about what clothing to wear in the morning ask yourself what activities you will be doing that day. Choose clothing that will be appropriate for the activities you will be engaged in. Take into consideration your age, coloring and your figure type when picking your outfit. If your clothing is not up to date you may send the message that you’re not up to date and may lose credibility. Also if your appearance is sloppy you might be conveying a disorganized persona. Feeling comfortable in your clothes is a must. It enables you to feel and look confident.

If you are giving a presentation to a group of professional business people like lawyers or investment bankers you will probably want to choose clothing like an up-to-date suit. But if your audience is internet folks or you’re visiting your kid’s home room a more laid back clothing option is correct. For casual occasions you may wear a simple dress, a skirt or a pair of well fitting pants with a crisp shirt and top off you outfit with a cardigan sweater.

Generally you should wear solid color clothing (dark) if you are short and would like to appear taller. If you are on the tall side wear a different color top and bottom unless you are very heavy. (If you are over weight stick to a mono chromatic color scheme.)

When choosing what clothing it wear it is important to focus the attention on your head area. Choose necklines that are flattering on you and/or wear a colorful scarf or interesting jewelry to draw attention to your face area instead of your body. Always wear your skirts mid-knee length (if you are over 30) or wear tights if your skirt is above your knees. All articles of clothing should fit you properly.  Finish whatever you wear with a pair of comfortable shoes.

Remember your outfit like a good ad creates awareness in you, builds interest in you, and can lead to developing rewarding relationships.

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