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Spring cleaning tips from an expert

Couldn't we all use a little help from a professional organizer?

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I'll admit it: I am terrible about clutter. It's not that I can't bear to part with the things strewn around my house, it's that I have a hard time finding the time to sort though it all. My frugal side would clobber the rest of me if I threw out something I needed, and so there it all sits, in carefully constructed piles, waiting for me to have a spare day or two to designate items for reducing, reusing, or recycling.

And, given that the name of my blog is The 36-Hour Day and I still don't feel like I have enough time in which to get everything done, apparently that spare day or two will arrive sometime after I'm long gone.

Karen Eschebach, Professional Organizer and co-founder of Clever Container, to the rescue. Here are her tip for controlling the clutter, spring cleaning, and making the most out of the space you already have in your home. Getting organized can be fun, once you've gotten yourself into the right mindset.

1.) Out with the cold, in with the hues!  It’s time to clean out our closets and get ready for spring and summer.  Get yourself into a mindset that you are setting up a boutique just for you.  The clothes in your closet should be the clothes you wear and love.  They also should be the clothes that fit you.  If you’re hanging clothes that are too large or too small, box them up for now and see where you are size wise next year.  If the clothes are still too large or too small, don’t peek inside the boxes, just donate them and take the tax write off. 

Try putting outfits together and taking digital pictures of them.  Make sure you include accessories such as jewelry, shoes, purses, belts and scarves.  Print out the digital photos; hole-punch each one and slide an “o-ring” through them.  Hang the booklet from a hook or hanger and you’ll always have ideas on how to get out of the house quickly and stylishly.

2.) Go vertical!  Many people forget to use wall, closet, and door space.  We’re so used to putting everything in bins that sometimes it makes sense to just hang it up.  For instance, install pegs and hooks on which to hang coats, backpacks, totes, leashes, and purses.  If used in a family room, these same hooks could hang the lightweight blankets your family cozies up to; in the bathroom, they can be for your everyday towels.  Also, using vertical storage in any closet -- whether hanging from a hanger or attached to a wall -- will keep things nice and tidy and out of sight.

3.) Do some clever clustering in the kitchen. Cluster all the tools necessary to make lunches each day, or cluster all the accessories required to bake (such as bowels, mixers, measuring cups, and baking soda).  This will save you time by not having to walk across the kitchen or open up numerous cabinets and drawers.

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