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Are you a scammer's next perfect victim?

Ways to take the target off your back

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Working at home, even on a part-time basis is a great way for moms to contribute to the family income without having to put the children in daycare. Everyone who works at home has gone down the same road: thinking about working from home, researching jobs that are available and deciding to give it a try. It does not take very long to realize that there are thousands of scam artists hoping you are their next perfect victim.

Just Who’s Getting Rich Here?

The promise of instant wealth is very seductive. Some of these “opportunities” are very persuasive and can get even the most level-headed among us falling for unrealistic promises.

Even scam artists know that people are very cautious about so-called get-rich-quick schemes. So, they will be very careful not to say the words “get rich quick” in any sales material. Scammers may even go out of their way to convince you that their “opportunity” is not one of those get-rich-quick gimmicks. And then they will proceed to sell you a bridge to nowhere.

Catching the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

So, how can you tell the legitimate work-at-home jobs from the bogus ones? Easy. Get yourself armed by doing exactly what you are doing now - educating yourself on the subject. The more you know about the subject, the less likely you are to be ripped off.

Legitimate work-from-home programs have some of the same things in common.

1.) Legitimate programs never ask you for money to pay for a list or anything else before finding out what the job is. You will know what the job is before you need to buy so much as a pencil.

2.) Legitimate programs never pressure you with possibly missing out on the opportunity if you do not take it now.  Legitimate programs will still be around tomorrow. And the next day.

3.) If you look for reviews on a particular program, the majority of people will have positive or neutral opinions of a legitimate work-from-home opportunity; if it is a scam and people have had bad experiences, they will definitely say so. One caveat. Try to be certain glowing testimonials are from real people who have made real money and not been paid to review the product or site.

What Now? Personally Vetted Resources

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Textbroker and MyArticleExpress are very good places to get your foot in the door if you have no paid writing experience. In 24 hours you can be up and writing. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

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