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Daycare vs. Nanny

Finding childcare that works for your family

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He also suggests having your children present during interviews. That way, you can see how candidates interact with them. Finally, if you can find a candidate with previous experience as a nanny or in a day care setting, that is a bonus, he says.

For day care: Child Care Aware, a non-profit dedicated to helping parents find information on locating quality child care, offers some tips on its Web site, including:

• Start early.

• Visit day care centers and ask questions about their child-to-adult ratio, how many children are in a group, what the turnover is among workers and whether the center has accreditation. The National Association for the Education of Young Children, known as NAEYC, and The National Association for Family Child Care, known as NAFCC, are the two largest organizations that accredit child care programs.

• Stay involved. After you pick a center, don’t disengage. Visit often, participate in caregiver-parent conferences and attend your child’s birthday party.

As for taking a stance in the battle between Daycare Moms and Nanny Moms? My advice is don’t do it. Being a working parent is hard enough. We need to stick together!


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