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Nine Steps to Jump Start Your Career

How to get what you deserve at work

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5.) Learn to Negotiate. Read up on the basics of negotiating. Be prepared so you can use the tips and realize when they are being used on you. The number one rule here is to act professionally and leave emotion at the door. Passion is good, but raw emotion will just get in your way. Never ever let them see you cry, even if you have to bite your lip or excuse yourself. One trick to managing your emotions is to pause before replying to any comment. Give your brain 10 seconds to catch up with your heart. (An added bonus: silence can be a little unnerving to the other side.)

6.) Make an Appointment with Your Boss. There's no time like the present to jump start your career. Waiting until the next performance review just allows time for resentment to build. But you don't just want to walk into the boss' office -- you might accidentally start a negotiation five minutes before your boss has a big meeting, and that would put you at a disadvantage. Schedule a minimum of a half hour for a meeting, but be prepared when you ask for the appointment, in case you hear, "I have time now."

7.) Make Your Case. Now is not the time to bemoan past slights in your career. Now is the time to look strong and profesional. Make a brief, positive statement about yourself. For example, "Everyone was very happy I got X project completed a day ahead of schedule." Then follow up immediately with, "I would like to talk about what is necessary to take my career to the next step. What do I need to do to get (insert your goals there)?"

8.) Create a Plan With Your Boss. If your career has been stagnant, you can't expect it to turn on a dime. Most likely there are stepping stones you need to take on the path up. The goal here is to get them written down and agreed upon. Instead of demanding what you think you deserve, demand a raodmap to get there. Do you need to give more presentations? Teach or take a training class? Find out what your boss wants you to do. Write them down. Email them to your boss after the meeting and ask for confirmation that those are the steps you should take. Remember to specify a time frame.

9.) Track the Plan. Keep track of what you are doing, and make sure you are meeting the milestones you and your boss agreed on. When you reach significant steps, discuss them with your boss. Make sure the plan is on track and there aren't any obsticals you haven't seen. Make sure your boss remembers you have an agreement. When you complete all the steps go to your boss and point out you have met all the requirements. You'll either get what you deserve, or you'll know it's time to start looking for that new job.

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