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5 ways to strech your clothing dollars

Tips for saving money while you build your wardrobe

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We are always looking to save money and make the most of what we have. Here are five tips that will help you make your clothing dollars go further.

1.) Build your wardrobe around one basic color and only purchase things that can be worn with that color. Choose a solid color that flatters your skin tone as your foundation neutral. Foundation neutral colors are black, nany gray, or brown/camel.

2.) Buy clothing in colors that are good in all four seasons. There are a number of colors that can work all year long. Reds, blues, cocoa, camel, beige, light grays, black, olive, and purple will work whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter.

3.) Stock up on classic styles.  We can all use classic clothing items like the "LBD," the trench coat, classic white shirts, etc. These pieces can ce worn for years. By adding an accessory they can be brought up-to-date in a matter of minutes. Read "Tim Gunn's 10 Must-Have Clothing


4.) Look for clothing in fabric weights that can work in three or four seasons of the year. These are called transitional fabrics. Examples of transitional fabrics are lightweight wool, wool jersey, challis, flannel,  rayon, crepes and silks. They are wearable most of the year with the exception of in extremely hot or cold weather.


5.) Know what pieces of clothing you need before you go shopping and look for thoes items when there is a sale at your favorite boutique and / or department store.  That means organizing you clothing and closet or auditing your wardrobe.  An audit is taking a clothing inventory and an opportunity to get rid of things that you do not wear, don't fit or things that are out of style.

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