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Which Flexible Work Option is Best for You?

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Your home life, finances, and career goals will help you determine which work option is best for this phase of your life.

Here is an overview of the most common full-time and part-time flexible work arrangements to consider.

Full-time Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible work options which retain your full-time income include flextime, telecommuting and compressed workweek. Here's a brief overview of full-time work options:

Flextime allows you a flexible starting and quitting time within management-set limits.

For example, if your normal work hours are from 8 - 5, a flextime schedule might allow you to work from 6:30 to 3:30, 9 to 6, or whatever start/stop time worked best for you, while still being workable for your employer.

Flextime is so popular, widely-used and easily implemented that a proposal is usually unnecessary to win approval.

Choose the flextime option if you want to preserve your visibility on the job by your daily presence, yet could use the restructured 'extra' time provided in the morning or afternoon.

Telecommuting would allow you to work at home during part of your scheduled hours, usually one to three days a week.

Typically, telecommuters come into the office two or three days a week to attend meetings and to stay visible and in touch.

If at least some of your job tasks can be done away from the office, choose the telecommuting or work-from-home option. Employers reap the benefit of productivity jumps typical of remote workers. For you, the flexibility payoff includes cutting the costs and stress of commuting, plus trading drive time for more hours of personal time.

The compressed workweek has you working 40 hours in fewer than five days. The most widely used set-up is 10 hour days for four days a week.

Choose this option if you need that additional day off, have the stamina to consistently work 10-hour days, and if outside scheduling commitments and arrangements (e.g., child care) can fit into this non-traditional schedule.

Part-time Flexible Work Arrangements

Would you say you have an over-scheduled lifestyle? Choosing a part-time work option can be just the ticket to a downshifted pace, while still remaining active and visible in your career.

Consider the following options:

Are you often tired with little time for yourself after you've taken care of everyone else's needs?

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