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How to get through the holidays without spending tons of money

Forget about keeping up with the Clauses and create your own holiday

by Dr. Debra Condren  |  8358 views  |  3 comments  |        Rate this now! 

I’d forgotten that?! What a loser mom.

My mind whirled -- how to answer my child? (Never mind that telling him the Tooth Fairy is a lie wasn’t an option.)

Turns out, it was President’s Day, or something like that; no school. In a fly-by-my-seat moment, I sputtered, “OH! I’m pretty sure that the tooth fairy doesn’t work on holidays.” He immediately felt reassured by my multiple lies; the relief in his eyes saved me for one more day. And that night, a shiny dollar coin under his pillow! Mommy redemption.

Honestly, you don’t have to keep up with the Clauses. You don’t even always have to keep up with the Tooth Fairy (damn her!). You’re doing your best. Give yourself and your husband credit, and keep on keeping on.

Dr. Debra Condren is the author of amBITCHous (Broadway Books), a woman’s guide to redefining her ambition as a virtue, not a dirty word, earning her worth, and achieving her dreams.

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Debra Condren, Ph.D., interviewed 500 women for her book, amBITCHous, a woman’s guide to redefining ambition as a virtue, not a dirty word, earning h

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