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Online marketing and the work-at-home essentials

Four key ways to become relevant on the internet

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Busy moms need a plan to get their work from home business online and making money. Here are four quick steps to implement your online marketing and take action on.

1. Attract Traffic To Your Blog/Website. Using an strategy of articles, forum posting or comments are free and easy ways you can target your niche market. Have your links quietly available to obtain more information. Develop a relationship with your prospects through being a friend first or a trusted advisor. Give them value and don’t attempt to sell them with an obvious pitch right away.

2. Your Capture Page. Provide something FREE or and show the benefitsl that they can get right now. Keep it brief and get them motivated to obtain what you are providing because it will help them and has value. Your goal is to get them to enter a name and email to build your subscriber base and be able to follow up with them.

3. Your Autoresponder. Provide a series of messages to inform, gift and further educate your list members. Online Marketing messages should not be heavy on sales pitches, and are linked randomly to your products after your recommendation to your subscribers. Build rapport here. Give more than they expect and provide that info through your links leading to a future purchase.

4. The Product/Service Page. Recommend something that your prospect can try and benefit from immediately. Can be an invite to your mlm or network marketing business opportunity. Do not put a sales pitch at the beginning of this page. Give something of value again and offer your product or service to them based on benefits to them. Remind that they will receive your services as well. Ask them to make a decision, with a time limit for your best offer, to purchase. Give incentives or for them being on your list and you should see activity related to sales.

Use this system including the four the elements above in your Online Marketing strategy. This will give you a much greater chance for faster success. Test your pages and systems often as it may take some time to perfect and tweak things. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Continue to article market and post comments on the forums in your niche. Becoming an expert within your target market will increase your success and your traffic will grow in proportion if you actively use this game plan.





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