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Tips to Communicate Effectively

A few simple suggestions for making sure you're understood

by Sandy Spadaro  |  2011 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

There are a multitude of ways to make sure you are being understood, including intentional wordplay, use of physical body language, positioning tactics, and using the well-written word for electronic communications. Successful women have mastered the art of good communication skills in their personal and professional lives. The trick is to assert your opinion without being seen as aggressive, or worse -- bitchy!

1.) Rephrase your information. If they aren’t getting the point, don’t simply repeat yourself. Say it again differently. Use other words. Try using mental imagery to paint a picture. Be aware, though, that changing the way you phrase something does not mean dumbing it down.

2.) Avoiding off-putting phrases to keep your conversations as positive as possible. Phrases like "The way I see it," "Let me tell you something," and "That’s not going to work" may cause someone to stop listening. Try to communicate a strong opinion by beginning the sentence with diplomacy and sensitivity.

3.) Don't insult your listener while giving your opinion. Be cautious and aware to avoid telling someone your opinion while first insulting theirs. Ever hear this one? “If you were smart, you would tell them you have too much on your plate.” While the messenger likely has a concerned and helpful intention, they may have just insinuated that you aren’t already smart.

4.) Get creative with metaphors or numeric comparison. Gaging your information on a numeric scale allows for the opportunity to target how hard or how soon you should be seeking to solve problems and find solutions. Example: My impatience with the new employee is a seven.

5.) Do not judge. There is no room for judgment in any communication. If you want to compromise and create win-win outcomes, leave judgment of someone else’s style, opinion, and/or choice of words out of the conversation.

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