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What Kind of Time?

Keeping the Balance

by Sue  |  1876 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Do you know where your time is going?  Do you get enough time with the ones you love each day?  Do they get enough with you? 

These are just a couple of the different ways in which we need to use our time each day.  We may not realize it, but "Me time" is as much of a necessity as "work time" and "family time", and we need to look at how much we're getting of each of those each day? 

Every family member needs some one on one time with you as well.  If you have a large family, good luck with that.  You may need to create some sort of rotational calendar so that one kid gets to be first in line for that one on one time each day and it's never the same kid twice in a row.

You may want to make some sort of graph by which it's easy for you to keep a tally of how much time you're spending in each area of your life.  If you are feeling disatisfied with the amount of time you're getting in one area one day, simply change the plan the next day, and make sure to give a little more time to that area and maybe just enough time to another area to get by.

We have a list and a calendar for everything else!  And remember, if it's not on the calendar it generally doesn't get done, so be sure to calendar that "Me time".  It's just as important as the regular car maintenance, doctors appt, getting to work and getting Jr. to soccer practice.

What you do with your "Me time" is important too.  Some "Me time" past times will leave you more refreshed than others.  I find that getting out and doing something that I don't normally do leaves me with a wonderful memory that keeps me relaxed and happy for many days after the event.  Remember to make yourself relive the memory as you're leaving to head back into your mundane life again, so that you can relive it again on command later, when you need a moment or an hr. of imaginary vacation.

This is one vacation that you'll return from and NOT feel like you need a vacation from your vacation.  And the memory of course, can go anywhere with you, like into a hot shower/bath, or on a long drive.

Now stop reading and go chart all the different kinds of time that you need and track where you've spent your precious minutes Today and keep an accounting of how you feel about where and how you spent that time.  Did you have family time?  Work time?  Me time?  One on One time with each family member?  Play and work time with the family? 

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