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Make birthday parties less stressful

Tips for avoiding problems and making the day more special

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6. Bring plenty of cash for tips and decide ahead of time how much you’ll give and to whom.  Also, check that they haven’t included tips into your bill.  Some places do that to ensure that the employees get an ample amount.

7. Call a day or two ahead of time and ask a family member or good friend to pick up the cake.  It’s just one less thing to worry about.

8. Don’t plan anything too stimulating for your child on the night before the party.  Try to have him in bed at a decent hour so he gets the best night’s sleep possible.  You might want to try to do the same.

9. The most important thing to do before the party is remember that it’s supposed to be a day filled with fun and laughter.  If you’re too wrapped up in the details, then the moment will pass by and you might regret it later.  Your child won’t care if the pizza came ten minutes late or if the party room felt a bit cramped.  All he’ll care about is that he was surrounded by friends and family and got to be a star for the day.

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Mom of two who knows the stresses of planning birthday parties, but still loves doing it!

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