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Dead giveaways that you are working from home

Kids, squeaky toys, and other hazards

by Melissa - Mommy Grind  |  2224 views  |  2 comments  |      Rate this now! 

So today when I arrived home after picking the kids up from school I knew I had to make just one quick phone call.  Sounds easy right?  Not so much!

OK, let me back up for a second. We own a photography business and we decided to downsize our expenses (like just about everyone else in America) and give up our studio about 3 months ago.  Now we officially work from home.

Needless to say it was a tough transition, made even more difficult during the summer months when my two little ones were home!  Now, they are back to school (or just about in Gabs case, that’s a whole other rant for another day -- why can’t schools in the same school district coordinate vacations?)  I pick the kids up from school and am usually home by 3:30.  I try and stay gone as long as possible so Keith can actually get some work done before the hurricanes blow through the door.  Because once that happens, it is just about impossible to get any serious work done, and definitely impossible to make a quiet phone call.  The home office is just off the kitchen and the girls have a radar on me when I cross the threshold to that office.  The minute my butt is about to touch my seat, one of them is standing in the doorway. 

They used to ask for things like office supplies or to print some clip art or some random kid request.  Now that they have been read the riot act enough times, they come to the open office door and just say “I want a hug.”  They try to be cute.  But I can see through the cute act, they just want me to be by their side -- all the time! 

Today, I needed to make a phone call.  Just one tiny, short little phone call.  The client wanted to book a portrait session for a certain day, easy!  All I needed was a few minutes by myself.  How hard could that be?  Keith sat with the kids in the family room, basically tying them to the couch so they couldn’t penetrate the office door.  Oh, but I forgot about the dog!  The 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier that never leaves the couch all day long.  Just as I’m about to leave a message, I hear the loud, unmistakable squeak, squeak, squeak of a dog’s chew toy.  So now the woman I left the message for (so glad she didn’t answer) hopefully has a sense of humor, or is a dog lover, or mistakes the sound for another random sound -- I don’t know, some professional office sound that I’m unaware of. 

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Melissa and her husband Keith own Keith Pitts Photography. In their never ending quest to keep their photography business successful enough that she never has to return to the corporate world!

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  • This is my first visit to this website, having stumbled upon it by accident. Love this article -- so relevant to my own life (I am a writer and also work from home). I am actually poking around online, looking for clues to the ways that other writer moms (and other work-at-home professionals) manage career, kids, marriage, house, etc. I feel like it is a constant juggling act and it so rare that I can keep every ball in the air! The on-the-phone thing is particularly relevant. There's this thing I use at my house... it's a magical box of colors and lights. Some people call it a "television." My children are thrilled when my agent or someone calls because I toss them the remote -- something that otherwise doesn't really happen.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I enjoyed article. Good luck with your own juggling act!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jen Klein on 7th July 2011

  • Hi Melissa! That sounds like a pretty interesting and busy household you have there. I liked what you wrote. I hope you have more to share. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sharon Fitzgerald on 3rd November 2010