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The Luxury of Time

A Speak Your Mind essay

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If money was no issue, would you work and what would you do?

Money is an issue. It has been since that moment, long ago, when I became aware that if I were to beg my mother enough she would part with a hard earned quarter. And if I were to toss this shiny quarter into a coke machine, it would spit out a cold refreshing beverage that would promise relief from the hot Texas sun for as long as I could make it last. This was the point at which I realized what kind of an issue money was. I was raised in a poverty stricken single-parent family, so each penny was precious - almost as precious as each moment spent with my mother - both time and money were rare. I learned very early not to take either for granted.

As a mother of four young children, I have gained my own share of wisdom. I have begun to realize that while having enough income to support a growing family is essential, there is nothing in the world that can replace the time that I could be spending with my children in these formative years. I would never presume that this is the choice that everyone will or should make. Plenty of families enjoy their time apart and gain a greater appreciation for each other when time is spent invested in other interests. I am speaking only of my very personal relationship with my children. I want to be the Mommy who sits at home and plays with home-made playdoh with her children. I would love to bake cookies, brownies and home made pizza with my children every day. My greatest pleasure would be volunteering at my children's school on a regular basis so that they could see, first hand, how deeply I care about their education. When my children grow a little older, I would volunteer my services at a nursing home or hospital.

Right now money is very tight and I am forced to look for a job. However, if I had the luxury of money, I would have the luxury of time. And that time would not be spent at a paying job.

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