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Dream On

A Speak Your Mind essay

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If money was not an issue, would you work and what would you do?

If money was no object, I would continue to work at my writing, but in a different way. Now, as a freelance writer, I take just about every assignment that comes along to boost the total of PunditGirl's college account.

I'm lucky -- my husband earns a great living, so we're not totally dependent on a freelancer's erratic salary. But I would focus on writing only about things I love or am passionate about. I would free myself from the articles that don't resonate or connect with me. Ultimately, those are harder to write, but I do it.

And, I'd try to find a way to fulfill my As Good As It Gets fantasy -- NO! NOT Jack Nicholson! I'd find a way to have a seaside retreat where my office and laptop face the ocean as I write the first of many best-selling books! ;)

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