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Finding the Time to be a Mom

A Speak Your Mind essay

by Michelle Anderson  |  2669 views  |  0 comments  |       Rate this now! 

If money was no issue, I would quit working, but I would go to school to pursue a better education.

Right now I juggle work, school, and my family. I have been lucky so far and have only had two in-school classes per semester. On those days I get up go to work, and go straight to school. Next semester will be the first semester that I have my classes one day then the next. It will be like not seeing them for two whole days: They are sleeping when I get home, and in the hustle and bustle we do not get much time in the morning either. So if money was no issue, I would just go to school. When I was finished I am sure I would want to work, but it would be a much more flexible work schedule with options and my children would both be going to school at that time.

Finishing my education is a very important thing for me as I want my children to put education first, and wait for all of the life stuff, there is plenty of time for all that. My dream job is to become an attorney, but I am going to school right now to become a paralegal. With only 6 classes to go I can finally feel like I am getting there, but who wouldn't want to get there a little faster.

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