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Would I work if money were no object?

A Speak Your Mind essay

by el-e-e  |  2242 views  |  2 comments  |       Rate this now! 

In short, no.

In my heart, I would much rather be a SAHM. I have this idyllic picture of it, where I invite other kids over to play, and go on lunch dates and introduce my toddler to the library. I'd work on the house projects that have been long forgotten, like painting our bathroom and taking down some old wallpaper.

I would go to the teacher supply store and buy educational items with which to tempt him away from the television. And sometimes, I would give in and watch Disney Channel with him.

I would bake bread. I would bake pizza dough! I would grow better flowers. I would take us to the neighborhood pool in summertime. I would work out. I would write a book.

…Yeah. Right. I know it wouldn't be all roses and sugarplums. Not by a longshot. I know I would be frustrated by all the trials of being a full-time, on-the-job mom without my 9-5 reprieve.

But looking at it from this vantage point, I would not ever allow myself to complain about those things, because they would be treasures to me.

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Lee is a full-time Web Producer in Atlanta, and mom to AJ, 3, and KT, who arrived Feb 15, '08.

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  • I would also like to be a SAHM or at least cut back to part time work. I would miss the day job and socialization with other adults that I receive their. But I'd also like more time and energy to keep house, play with the kids and grandkids, and write my books. Writing my books could and would be a full time job in itself.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Ashley Ladd on 1st April 2008

  • amen sister! i work 12 hrs/week so that i can stay home w/ my son the rest of the time. this necessated a change in my husband's and my lifestyle and spending choices, but afer all - NO ONE ever looks back to the years their children were growing up and says "you know, i really wish i had worked more!"
    these times are precious - i don't know you, but i can see your heart. do what you can to follow it!!
    raising our children is THE most important job we, as mothers have. it is the only specifically named God ordained job for us - that no one else can do the way we can.
    that being said - putting food on the table - definitely important. man can't live on bread alone, but steak and lobster are not a necessity.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by annwlkspt on 24th June 2007