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Starting a PR Business From Home

From Manhattan Publicist to Entrepreneur Mom - How I Stopped Commuting and Started Living

by Lindsey von Busch  |  12986 views  |  2 comments  |       Rate this now! 

My Story: Becoming an Entrepreneur

I live in Toms River, NJ with my husband Dan, a construction Project Manager; our four-year-old son, Will; and our two mischievous retrievers, Guss and Maggie. My business is a public relations firm that handles mainly entertainment and non-profit clients. We handle a wide range of PR initiatives such as event management, launches, cross-promotional partnerships and brand building. I employ freelance publicists who primarily work from home so the hours and schedule are flexible and conducive with family life.

Before I started my own business from home, I commuted into New York City where I served as a corporate communications manager for a very well known publisher and multimedia company. Prior to that, I managed publicity for a television network. For 10 years I had a fulfilling, fast-paced career as an entertainment publicist. However, when my husband and I decided to start a family, that lifestyle was not conducive to small children. And, having lost my own mother when I was in college, I knew when I became a mother my children would be the number-one priority in my life.

My son was the inspiration behind my business. I started freelancing at night when he was an infant. I would write press releases and newsletters in between late night feedings. I wanted to contribute to the household income again so that my son could have a more enriched childhood. Music classes, swim classes, gymboree—it all adds up, especially when you’re trying to survive on one income.

Since I started my own business, I juggle my work around my family which is very different from when I worked in corporate America. I schedule conference calls and meetings around my son’s life not the other way around. And because I have a great network of other publicists who are in the same situation, the juggle works. (PR is one of the few careers that’s female dominated.)

I make more money now then I did when I was commuting into Manhattan—more as my base salary and more because I’m not paying expensive costs like gas, parking, public transportation and extra taxes because I work in a different state then I live.

I believe that I'm a better entrepreneur because I am a mom and I’m a better mom because I’m an entrepreneur. Happiness is the key. I enjoy and appreciate what I do much more which in turn gives me confidence in both my professional and personal life. And not having the pressure of, “How am I going to pay for mommy and me classes this month?” is a huge weight off my shoulders.

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  • I did the same thing after being kidnapped and held hostage along with my daughter. It was all part of a big bank robbery plot and since I was the AVP for the targeted branch, they broke into my home after stalking us for two months, took my 7 year old daughter and forced me to rob the bank after 14 hours and having bombs taped to our bodies. It was hellish. Coming out of it all I needed to start a new life with new focus away from corporate america where I was away from my daughter 10 hours a day before the crime. I started my own PR company after taking some college classes and figuring out what it is I love to do and after releasing my first book. My book is being made into a movie and I know I need to add an extra team member to help with the launch of it all. I will email you and just want to say congrats on your decision to be your sons hero by choosing to be mommy first!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Women Who dreamBIG on 24th October 2008

  • Oh, so much of what you have written is EXACTLY what goes on around here. Sounds like you've got a great balance, though, and that's wonderful. I, too, schedule everything around the girls, even if it means 9 PM conference calls with other client moms juggling the same things. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 10th October 2007