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Starting a PR Business From Home

From Manhattan Publicist to Entrepreneur Mom - How I Stopped Commuting and Started Living

by Lindsey von Busch  |  11143 views  |  2 comments  |       Rate this now! 

My biggest fear in starting my business was losing time with my son. However, my business started to flourish at the perfect time in his life—when he was a toddler and craved to be around other children. He loved preschool and karate because he was able to interact with children his own age and I was able to get work done during the day. And, we also love networking with other stay-at-home moms because whether they work part-time or not at all, everyone loves play dates! If you’re a mom who doesn’t work outside the home, it gives you a chance to get something done on your own, in peace. And for working moms, it’s a great guilt-free and cost-free way to get the work done.

The greatest lesson I learned after starting my own business was that even though I work at home I still need to set time limits and days off. Everyone needs a day or two off for mental health. When your work is in your house, it’s difficult to step away. I literally grew my business from my kitchen table because in the beginning we couldn’t afford an office. So, if it was off hours and I went to get a drink of water or something to eat it would take me an hour because I felt compelled to check my email. I learned to delegate better to those that are helping me. Otherwise, I would get completely overwhelmed and stressed.

As I continue to grown my business, the most difficult challenge has been time management. If I was on location or at a television appearance with a client then work was piling up back at the office. I finally broke down and bought a BlackBerry and Laptop which alleviated a lot of the pile up.

If I could do it all over again, I would change nothing. My mother always taught me to live out loud. She said if you throw enough sh** against the wall some of it’s going to stick. And, she was right. I became successful because I never let “no” stop me. If someone passed on an idea or a media placement I just kept dialing another reporter. There are ways to be aggressive without turning people off. I’m a nice person and as a woman I felt like I had to hide that or apologize for it. Publicists can be portrayed as unethical and shady. I’m savvy and scrappy but I never allowed anyone to push me into doing something I would regret.

Today, I consider my clients part of my extended family. I’m protective of them the way I would be if someone messed with my sister. I’m also proud and excited for them in the same respect.

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  • I did the same thing after being kidnapped and held hostage along with my daughter. It was all part of a big bank robbery plot and since I was the AVP for the targeted branch, they broke into my home after stalking us for two months, took my 7 year old daughter and forced me to rob the bank after 14 hours and having bombs taped to our bodies. It was hellish. Coming out of it all I needed to start a new life with new focus away from corporate america where I was away from my daughter 10 hours a day before the crime. I started my own PR company after taking some college classes and figuring out what it is I love to do and after releasing my first book. My book is being made into a movie and I know I need to add an extra team member to help with the launch of it all. I will email you and just want to say congrats on your decision to be your sons hero by choosing to be mommy first!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Women Who dreamBIG on 24th October 2008

  • Oh, so much of what you have written is EXACTLY what goes on around here. Sounds like you've got a great balance, though, and that's wonderful. I, too, schedule everything around the girls, even if it means 9 PM conference calls with other client moms juggling the same things. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 10th October 2007