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How to stick to your goals when life gets hectic

5 tips to help you juggle work and family

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Life does get hectic as a working mother. Yesterday, I woke up as early as 6am and I normally have my 23 month old wrap her arms around me at this time, just to make sure I am not leaving her again. I sometimes feel bad for not staying home with her, but I am damn proud of being able to provide for her and have a roof over her head. So, I gently take her hands off me, and I advance into the bathroom. This time she didn't wake up, so I came back and I slowly picked her up and took her into her toddler crib. She settled gently and within minutes was fast asleep. I quickly got ready for work and got out of my office and stepped into my garage to call my sister. Then I heard a click, the door had locked behind me and I am holding not the house key but my car keys. My sister stepped out of our attached apartment and cried, oh no! Anyways, I tried every window in the house, even sliced the screen off the porch to get to an alternate door, all to no avail. But I have a meeting at 8am and there is no way I could miss that. So, I quickly revised my schedule and started plotting a way to still get things done and get out of this mess. Here is how I brought myself back to sanity.
Converge and focus

Bring all your thoughts to a central location and focus. So I let all my worries about my daughter waking up and going straight into the jacuzzi tub, running hot water on herself  leave my head. Instead I brought all my energy back to the core. I asked myself questions: What time does she normally wake up? 10-11am. Right now its 7:30am, I can still rush to work to my meeting at 8am and be back at 9:10am if all goes well. I have my sister who will keep an eye on her window, the door and be sure to alert me if she wakes up and there is some kind of movement.
Take care of big issues first

So, I quickly went straight to work, and on my way, called the Fire Department to keep a watch on my house. Right after my meeting, I went home and the Sheriff was already at our door, just checking to make sure that we are still safe and that she is still sleeping. Bear in mind, my husband is away for the month, which is why I am in this predicament anyways. I decided to give our old homeowner a call since we had just moved in last week and they probably had a spare key. Well, they do! And that's how, we were able to get in.
Have a back up plan

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