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It doesn't grow on trees: Who reaps the benefits of my work?

A Speak Your Mind essay

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I always thought I would want to quit my job when I had a child.

But in the four short years I have been a mother, I now cannot imagine why.

My daughter enjoys visiting me at work. She loves to see where I go every day, the people I interact with daily, and where my creative juices flow freely.

And she’s already gotten into the habit of sitting at my desk, producing masterpieces of her own. I think she’s destined trolo be in my line of work.

I’m a confident woman when I’m at work. And when Amara joins me there, I see her confidence skyrocket to levels that even surprises her dad.

My workplace has a fair share of women in it. And Amara is able to experience at her young age just how empowered women can be. My boss is a working mom. And she and I remind my daughter that a woman can be everything – a mother, a professional, anything her heart desires.

At work, I am able to do one of my life’s passions: write. How can anyone turn their back from their passion – paid or unpaid?

At work, I can truly be me. I’m not simply mom. Or wife. Or Girl Scout leader. I’m me.

Yes, a lot of my pay now goes towards childcare.

And yes, if money were no object I wouldn’t have to put in long hours to meet a project deadline. I could pick Amara up from school on time. I could make it to every recital.

But I’ve learned an important lesson working. Money may not grow on trees but my daughter’s reaping the benefits of having her mommy as a role model.

And for that reason alone, I think I’ll keep clocking in.

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I'm mom to Amara, an eclectic four-year-old who already believes that the only thing better than a new pair of shoes is a new pair of shoes at 50% off

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