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Use the Skills You Already Have to Work from Home

Tips and suggestions for stay-at-home and working moms

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Customer Service Skills: Many home-business opportunities require some level of customer service and, as a career mom or a stay at home mom, you have plenty of experience in this. You use negotiation and communication skills on a daily basis and can apply the same empathy, enjoyment with working with others, or helpful attitude to your home business.

Sales Skills: Many home businesses require that you sell something. This sometimes puts people off, but many moms are saleswomen and don’t even know it. Every time you persuade your child to eat his vegetables, or help them decide what to wear, or negotiate a major purchase with your spouse, you use these skills. Many times, sales skills can simply be giving information to another person and helping them with deciding if that product, opportunity, or service is what is best for them.

When you put all these skills together, you may find that you already have the skills you need to start your own home-based business. A mom has more strengths and expertise than she is given credit for, and it is what she does with her abilities that makes her an amazing woman.

About the Author

Paige Lombardi is a former Award-Winning Teacher, who now works from home in order to be home with her two wonderful boys and supplement the family income. She enjoys helping other people save money on their healthcare needs with the Health Programs that her company provides and assists others with working at home. You can learn more at

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  • Paige! Help! I've been a working mom for the last seven years and I'm done with it. What's a good company to work-at-home for?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by want2baWAHM on 19th September 2012

  • Great resource and helpful too. You can become a tutor and earn money from part time jobs by using your skills. You can visit, to know more about tutoring.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sophica on 2nd March 2011