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When You Feel Like What You Do Is Never Enough

by Ashley Garrett  |  4046 views  |  0 comments  |        Rate this now! 

"I am enough"— And now we’re at the real root of it. I am enough.  I am enough.  I am OK.  I am worthy.  I am worth it.  I am sufficient.  I am enough.  It's not about the stuff I have accumulated.  Things don't last.  It's not about the things I do.  I'm not getting graded or auditioning or interviewing for this role as a mother.  "Am" is a simple conjugation of "to be."  Maybe we should punctuate this sentence differently.  I am--enough.  All I have to do is be.  Do be do be do…And that will be enough.

So what did I do after the snot-slinging fit?  I hit my reset button.  That's what I used to call it when the babies would cry so long I was sure they couldn't remember how to stop crying--we'd walk outside to "hit the reset button."  I emailed my boss and said that I would be in an hour late.  I went inside the house and I didn't turn anything on.  No computer, no phone, no TV, no lights.  

I opened the back door and listened to it rain.  The dog came out of his crate and leaned against my leg while I scratched his head.  Instead of a Diet Coke, I fixed myself a big glass of ice water.  I sat down and counted how many different kinds of birds I could hear singing in the rain (five).  Then I started my day.

Peace to you today.  You have enough.  You do enough.  You ARE enough.



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