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Changing Jobs: How I Handled The Learning Curve

That Was Kindergarten, This Is First Grade: My Daughter Coaches Me Through A New Job

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When I ask my daughter about her day, she prefaces many of her stories with, "Well, in kindergarten we did _____, but now we _____."  Part of adjusting to a change is relating the new to the old.  But new coworkers don't want to hear a constant chorus of, "Well, at my old job we..."  I had a former coworker who was forever moaning about how lean our budgets are and how it took ages to get anything purchased and installed.  We work at a regional not for profit.  She had previously been employed by that global beverage company with the red and white can...perhaps you've heard of them?  Let's just say their office supply budget was a tad more robust than ours and she couldn't LET IT GO.  That was kindergarten, sister.  THIS is first grade.

5.  Starting a new grade is hard.

There are days when my daughter and I both come home worn slap out.  Learning your way around a new place with new expectations and new currents is challenging.  (And she gets a snack and recess--I don't!)  So my lesson here is to cut ourselves some slack.  Some days, she comes home on yellow and we agree, "That was today.  Tomorrow is another day."  I have to remember to accept my own mistakes, too.  During my first week on this job, I sent an email to 3000+ people and it had a broken hyperlink in it.  I sat at my new desk and sobbed.  This was my introduction--everyone was watching!--and I had made a fool of myself.  The woman from the office next door patted my hand and reassured me that no one had died because they got a "Page Not Found" message.  No one was even injured or maimed, only mildly inconvenienced, for Pete sake.  Now?  A few months later?  I don't make stupid mistakes as often (knock wood--I just totally jinxed myself, right?) because I'm much better at this job than I was that day.  I'm learning.

 After being in my previous job for so long, I was worried that I wouldn't be nimble enough to take on something new--especially with a family and a house to run as well!  But what I've learned through this new adventure is that my mothering skills (and the small wise people around me) have added to my ability to adjust to new situations, not hindered me.  I come home from work with a tired brain, a full heart, and a huge smile of satisfaction.  And then we eat sandwiches because I am DONE.

What’s your secret for adjusting to a new job?  

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