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DIY Thanksgiving Craft: Turkey Mask

Gobble Gobble.

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One of my favorite things about the changing seasons is that each season brings a whole new set of food, craft and décor possibilities for our house.  It also brings a chance to teach my kids about the changes taking place outside and the holidays that are coming up.  My kids love crafts so when fall started to peak its head out and the weather started to cool down, we started crafting.  We created these fun turkey masks while talking about fall, Thanksgiving and of course, turkeys!

To create these masks we used: 
Two construction paper circles

Hand prints of the kids in different colors

Eyes, nose and waddle for the turkey face




I traced the kids hands and cut them out for them.  I have two toddlers so I did the cutting but if you have an older child feel free to let them cut.  Once we had the hands cut out we glued them to the back of one of the circles.  Then we glued the other circle over the back of the first one to cover the prints.  We added our turkeys face before letting them dry overnight.

When they were dry I cut out two holes for the eyes and two holes on the side for the elastic.  I measured the kids heads and added the elastic to the mask by putting a knot in the ends and pulling it through the holes. 

Then I let my turkeys go wild!  We went around the house acting like turkeys with our masks on.  It was fun to watch the kids waddle around the house and gobble gobble at each other.  The kids loved this simple craft and learning more about Thanksgiving and of course, turkeys! 


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