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10 Ways To Get The Family Organized

Tips For Organizing Your Busy Nest

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My life went from crazy busy working woman, to stay at home even busier working mom. Naptime is typically when I get a minute to work and to figure out what fun adventures to try next. I really have to use my time wisely because when Little Dude wakes up and he is ready to conquer Mt. Everest, and I'm ready for a date with the couch.  How do you find that balance?  I can't say it's easy when you’re the only parent home and the other parent is at work or traveling! Which is why finding ways to stay oganized and planning ahead is the best way to balance a busy working mom schedule.  

So how do you get the family organized?  I've come up with some tips that will make YOU feel like you can conquer Mt. Everest! Bring it on Littel Dude 

1.  Divide and conquer to get things done!  One parent runs with the kids, the other runs to the store!  

2.  Housework yuck!  Split it up and share it!  Sharing is caring so share the load!  Spend 15 to 20 minutes cleaning each day.

3.  Schedule the housework!  Monday- laundry, Tuesday- vacuuming & washing the floors, Wednesday- dusting, Thursday- clean the bathrooms, Friday-Sunday off!  

4.  Have a family calendar.  Review the family calendar on Sundays with the family.

5.  Meal plan for the week and eat together as a family at least one night during the week.

6.  Cook a few meals on the weekends and freeze them to pull out during the week.  Also, use the Crockpot!  

7.  Have a set time and area for completing homework.  Start it after school or before dinner!  

8.  Schedule a date night.  Make sure to get a night away together!  Find a baby sitter, ask a grandparent or trade nights with another family.  One time they watch your kids so you get a date night, then switch and you watch their kids so they get a date night!  

9.  Schedule alone time away from the house for each parent!  

10.  Find some family fun activities.  Check for local events in your community, have a family movie night or craft day.  

Hope you kick off the New Year with a bang!  Happy New Year!  


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