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Goal Motivators and How to Stick to Them

How to Keep it a Happy AND Motivated New Year

by Lizzy McGrory  |  1800 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

As a working woman, it is always in your best interest to identify goals for yourself. And while the new year is great time to start fresh and outline some goals, these tips I outline can be applied all year round. After all it's easy to make goals, but sticking to them is a whole other story. 

Here are my tips for keeping yourself accountable all year long:  

1.  Write it down!

Write down your goals will give you a sense of accomplishment when you look back at where you started.  Make the goal precise and write about how life will change when the goal is reached.    Set a due date and mark it on the calendar.  Think of a juicy reward you’ll give yourself for a job well done.   

2.  Post it!

Type up the list and post it on the fridge.  Find pictures online that could represent your goal and make make a collage with Picasa (by Google) and post it on the fridge, make it your desktop or phone background.  Just post it somewhere where you and others can see it.  This makes the goals more real.

3.  Keep it front and center!

To avoid the “out of sight out of mind” syndrome, update your passwords to reflect your goals.  For example, if weight loss is a goal (it’s one of mine!) a password could be:  l0s3w31ght (loseweight)  or 20lbs1n365 (20 lbs in 365 days).  Every time you have to enter your password you’re reminded of your goal.

4.  Tell the world!

Depending on how comfortable you feel you need to tell people about your resolutions, but get creative with this.  Perhaps you create a private Facebook group and invite friends to it.  You can update it once per week with your progress and maybe friends will share the same resolution and they’ll chime in, too.  Or write a letter to close family and friends about your plans.  Not only will they feel special that you shared with them but you will not want to let them down.

Do you like these ideas?  Leave a comment down below about your goals and how you’ll keep yourself accountable!  Good luck!

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