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Family Goal Planning (Free Activity Printable)

What you can do as a family to make this year the best yet!

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Be sure to download Kelley's Family Activity Printable!  

I love January because its a time to reflection on the previous year and look forward to the future.  Many people set New Year's resolutions that they hope to accomplish after the ball drops at midnight.  Sometimes these are individual goals and sometimes they are resolutions for the whole family. 

We like to set family goals for the upcoming year for a few reasons.  It gives us something to look forward to, it gives us a plan of action and it sets our attitudes for the whole year.  And if you're like me then you are a visual person who likes to cross things off of a handwritten list. 

The top part is blank so that you can write your last name up top.  (Ex: the Grant's or the Grant's resolutions).  The next part is family goals.  Here you can write down things like be more active, spend less time online, be polite or whatever you want to focus on as a family.  After that add the places you want to visit this year. 

Ask your kids where they would like to go and have them join in the family planning for the year.  Last, add a few bucket list items.  These can be things that you want to do together like make s'mores during the summer, have a movie marathon or go ice skating.  Whatever you plan on doing as a family in the new year, add it to the printable! 

The main goal of the printable is to spend time working on it as a family and focus on the upcoming year.  Whether you are able to mark off all of the items or just a few, what matters is that you spent time creating a detailed plan, together. 

Be sure to download Kelley's Family Activity Printable!  

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