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Fun Ways To Practice Reading and Writing at Home

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As the mom of a grade school aged child, you already know that it takes your child everything he or she has to spend an entire day sitting still and absorbing new information. Kids are in school all day, but in order for them to be truly successful, there is some practicing and learning that needs to take place at home.

Now teaching has really evolved into an art. Schools are getting more creative and developing new innovative ways to teach kids basic reading and arithmetic. So why should that kind of approach to learning stop after they get off the bus? As parents, there are some simple and fun ways to incorporate learning into your kid's home routine. Here are a few of our favorites:

Have Them Keep a Journal: Encourage your kids to practice writing in a journal once a day. This will get them into the routine of writing every day. Check out these great ideas and writing prompts for journaling.

Practice A "Word of the Day": Buy a word of the day calendar and have your kid rip off each day during breakfast. Have them read the word and it's meaning aloud. If they don't understand it's meaning, teach them and then take turns using it in a sentence.

Read Aloud: Even when children are able to read by themselves, they still benefit from hearing an adult read complex material aloud to them. This way, your child will learn new vocabulary and increase her fund of general information.

Make it a Game: Playing games contributes to your child’s literacy development. Word games obviously help your child to read and spell, but card games and logic games help him to learn patterning, categorizing, and problem-solving skills that are related to reading comprehension. Some great games to start off with are spelling with playdough, sight-word scavenger hunt, and parts of speech popsicle sticks.

With all this practice, hey you might even learn a new thing or two! Happy reading and writing!

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