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Get Social To Get Support

How social media can help the working mom

by Lizzy McGrory  |  2106 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Social media is about community.  It brings people together and usually adds value to our lives.  Social Media can help a busy Working Mom juggle life and manage emotions by joining or creating an online support system.

Find your Online Tribe.

There are many online communities built with the Working Mom in mind, like this site  Within these communities are articles, personal blogs, and forums where Working Moms reach out for advice and others reply. 

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To stay connected subscribe to the site’s weekly newsletter or follow specific bloggers that appeal to you.  To connect even further, leave a comment on posts to add your two cents or ask the author/blogger a question. 

These writers and other women are all here to do one thing, support each other.  You can take or leave their advice, but sometimes writing (or typing) out your thoughts help you digest what’s going on in your life.

Create your Online Tribe.

Your Online Tribe could consist of people with the same interests and challenges you have.  If in the past you connected with anyone who asked to connect, you may not want to use the community you’ve built.  

Your options are to create a private group (like a Facebook group) or create a new account and be strict on who you connect with.  If you are using Twitter you can tweet to specific people if you begin with the @ sign and only people who are connected with everyone you mention will see your tweets.  You may have 10 people or maybe 100 people, just be sure to only include people that you believe will support you and add value to your life.

Whether you find or create your Online Tribe you should use this system just like you would your “real life” support system.  When something comes up, write to this system.  Be specific in what feedback you’re looking to receive (if any).  Perhaps you just want to vent or maybe your searching for advice.  Not only should this group(s) be there for you, but you should be there for others as well.  So be brave and get social with your tribe.  Remember, what goes around, comes around.



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