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How To Share the Workload of Parenting

Tips to avoid feeling like you're the one doing everything

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Parenting can be a tough job.  I feel like in our house we are pretty good at balancing the workload of housework, laundry, parenting, and getting our alone time!  It's hard to find that balance but when you do boy does it feel good!  Sometimes it can get tricky when someone is traveling, sick, or when you’re on vacation but for the most part we try to stay in our groove. "Tag you’re up" is a line we use!  Pretty funny!  It started when Little Dude was a baby and we would take turns chasing him to give the other one a break.

Tag you’re up!  My husband and I both love to work out and for us it is a big stress release.  When we work out and have that time for ourselves, everything seems to go smoother, maybe because we've had our time.  We split up the days during the week so we each get 3 days where we can head out to the gym by 5:30AM and come home and shower.  The parent not at the gym gets up, gets ready, and prepares for Little Dude to wake up.


Sharing the load!  The load can be anything, laundry, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dogs, and taking care of Little Dude.  We try to split it up or work together to get it done!  If one of us cooks the other cleans the dishes, if one of us puts Little Dude down for nap the other puts him to bed.  We schedule the cleaning.  

I feel like when we divide we conquer.  We can give each other a minute and get a minute ourselves through out the day.  It is also helpful you know when the kiddos are in a whinny mood or not behaving.  It helps give you that second to regroup!



My quick checklist for sharing the load:

1.  Stick to a schedule.

2.  Make sure you factor in alone time for yourself.

3.  Be fair to one another and break up your time evenly.

4.  If you’re having a rough day, all each other to “tag in” and give the other parent a break.

5.  Find time for a date night!  

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