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Gardening With Kids 101

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The weather is starting to get warmer and its time to start thinking about your Spring garden!  We have had a family garden for a few years now and the kids love being able to help with it.  Its fun to explain to them how the little seed they are planting will turn into food we eat together in a few short months.  They are love to watch our seedlings grow and get excited to water them. 

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Do you want to start a garden and watch it grow with your kiddos?  Here are some simple tips on how to get let them be more involved in the gardening process! 

1. Let them pick some seeds - Take your future gardener to your local nursery and let them help you pick out your seeds.  My daughter picked out radishes even though we rarely eat them.  I explained that once they grow we have to eat them up and not waste them.  She agreed, so we grabbed a packet.  The more involved they are, the more likely they will also enjoy the fruits of their labor!  

2. Let them get dirty - Grab a bag of dirt and have your kiddos fill your starter pots.  We fill ours half way, add the seeds and then cover them up.  This may be my little ones favorite part!

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3. Let them water - Have them water their seeds every day or every other day.  Explain that the water, along with sunlight, help the seeds grow into plants.  This would be a great thing to add to a chore chart as well. 

4. Have fun - Gardening is such a fun and rewarding hobby to pass down.  The more fun that you have with it, the more your kids will enjoy it as well!  


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