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America's Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurants

AllergyEats releases 2014 list of Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains

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This post is sponsored by, and written by Sara Lucero, blogger and the Manager of Communications for Healthy Dining  

Food allergies are big news these days.  Are you affected?  With an ever growing number of families now dealing with one or more food allergies, restaurants are rising to the challenge with new menu choices and food allergy procedures to keep guests safe while they enjoy eating out.  Finding these restaurants and allergy-friendly choices is now easier than ever with tools like AllergyEats and the recently released 2014 list of Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains nationwide. 

According to Paul Antico, Founder and CEO of AllergyEats and father of three food-allergic children, the restaurants included on the list “have demonstrated a superior willingness and ability to accommodate guests with food allergies.  We applaud their exemplary efforts around food allergy protocols, training and education and congratulate them for earning a place on this prestigious list.”

Many of the restaurants on the 2014 list of Most Allergy Friendly Restaurant Chains nationwide are also participating restaurants, making it even easier to find menu choices for the whole family all in one place.  Some of the restaurants included on the list and on are:



Are you and your family facing food allergies?  Log on to now to find menu choices near you.  Eating out can still be a delicious and safe part of your healthy lifestyle, thanks to AllergyEats and restaurants like these that are committed to your health. 

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