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What Mom Can Do for Dad on Father’s Day

by Ashleigh Evans  |  1575 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

In our house, Father’s Day is a family day…much like Mother’s Day. While the idea of having a break from kids seems ideal at first, it’s actually more fun to celebrate with the kiddos.  I always cook up Ricky’s favorite dishes (usually ribs and BBQ fixins) and we relax outside with some music and tasty drinks.   When you’re on a budget, planning a family day at home is right up your alley.  Plus, going out to eat can be chaos on a busy holiday: long wait times, stressed out servers.  Is that really how you want to spend your day?Here are a few nice things you can do at home for your guy on Father’s Day:1. MYO 6-pack of craft beerIt’s fun to try new favorites and many grocery stores have a MYO option now.  If he likes IPAs, try a different brand than he usually gets. We also LOVE the Magic Hat seasonal variety packs.  Not into craft beer?  Stick with a 6 pack of a tried and true favorite!2. Man the grillOr I like to say “Mama the grill”.  In our house we have 2 grills: gas for me and charcoal for Ricky.  Grilled meat is a cheap, easy and always tasty route to go for dinner.   •BBQ boneless chicken thighs. Have you grilled boneless thighs yet?  Once you do, you’ll never go back to white meat!  I marinade ours in Italian dressing overnight and then slather with BBQ sauce the last 2 minutes of grilling.   •Ribs. Our go-to for Father’s Day.  I have found bone-in country style ribs are easier and you get MUCH more meat.  Also, they tend to be more inexpensive.  Just let sit overnight with a dry rub and then slow cook in the crockpot for most of the day.  Finish off on the grill with some BBQ sauce. (If you can find Stubbs sauce, it’s worth the extra buck!  Also Sweet Baby Ray’s Chipotle is tasty!)3. Make couponsLet the kids do a few for him: “Free Backrub” or “1 Movie Night” , etc and then also make a few from yourself.  I am thinking about “1 Trip to the Driving Range” or “1 Lawn Mowing”.4. Breakfast in Bed  I know this is predominately a Mother’s Day idea, but Dads can use a day to sleep in too!  And, let’s be honest: Moms usually make better breakfasts with the kids….5. Check out a local baseball gameI find local games much more fun than major leagues.  First of all, the tickets are a fraction of the cost.  Also, they are usually more kid friendly and they have cheap nights.  Look up a family night or cheap day to take the family this summer!  I know my hubby would love that.  Plan everything and then add it to a coupon or put it in the card!No matter what you do, I’m sure your hubby will enjoy the company of the family!  After the kids go to bed, sit outside and enjoy the summer!  Or, if it’s not ideal weather, hit up Redbox or Netflix for a movie night. (Orange is the New Black is back tomorrow!).What are your plans for the main man in your life?

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