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Outdoor Summer Fun

by Ashleigh Evans  |  2211 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

How many times have you heard “I’m boooooored!” already this summer?  There are the obvious things you can do: chalk, bubbles and freeze tag…but those take up about 10 minutes.  I’ve come up with a few more fun ideas.

1) Sidewalk Paint. Have a bunch of old, broken chalk?  Crush it up and mix it with water.  The mixture will be slightly runny at first, but after an hour or two it’s perfect paint brush texture.  We love those foam brushes from Michaels—they frequently go on sale!

·         The best technique for crushing? Put the chalk in a baggie and slowly crush with a rolling pin.  Or, if you’ve had a rough day, you can use a hammer.

2) Create an Obstacle Course. Use jump ropes, hula hoops, orange cones or whatever you have laying around the house.  Anything can work!  Set up stations and let the kids go wild.  I like to watch from the patio table with ice cold glasses of lemonade.

·         If you have random cans of spray paint, you can create a lawn Twister game too!

3) Hands on Garden. If you have space in your yard, creating a garden can be a great learning experience for kids, plus it helps your pocketbook too! It is a little late in the season to start with seeds, unless you live in a warmer climate.  Give the kids each $5 and let them pick out some plants at the garden center/grocery store.  Plant them and teach the kids how to water and care for them.

·         A compost can teach kids about recycling and nature.  Throw your produce scraps into a large container and create a great mulch for your garden

·         If you have a smaller space, container plants are perfect.  Tomatoes, herbs and peppers are great container foods.

4) Explore Your Town.  There are probably a ton of events going on that you don’t even know about.  Check out your town’s website for great ideas. 

·         Many libraries have outdoor concerts or special fun for kids. 

·         Local bands might be playing at an outdoor venue.

·         In Grand Rapids, we have quite a few free splash pads which create hours of fun.

·         Don’t forget to figure out what days are free for local museums.

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