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Stuffed Tomato Recipe and More

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Vegetables are great, but they can get boring quickly. Spice up your summer veggie recipes by stuffing them with fresh and flavorful ingredients. You can stuff a lot more than just peppers! There’s such a variety of different ingredients to use too. The possibilities are endless! Here’s a list of our favorite stuffed vegetable recipes from around the web.

Easy Stuffed Tomato Recipe: ‘Tis the season for these juicy ripe vegetables, so now is the time to enjoy this recipe! 

Cheeseburger-Stuffed Potatoes: Mmmm cheese. It's inexpenseive, healthy, and perfect for a summer lunch or dinner.

Stuffed Jalapeno Pepper Poppers: Wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cream cheese? There’s really nothing better.

Inside-Out Stuffed Pepper Casserole: Stuffed peppers are delicious, but can be time consuming. What better way to combine the deliciousness of stuffed peppers with the simplicity of a casserole?

Boursin Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms: this quick and easy appetizer is the perfect recipe for any party!

Stuffed Zucchini: This goes great with steak or pork roast, or as part of a vegetarian meal.

Stuffed Onions: These baked onions are stuffed with a complete Thanksgiving feast: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.

Tofu Stuffed Peppers: These make for the perfect vegetarian meal, or a simple side to a meat entree.


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