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5 Ways to market your small business right now

These options cost little or no money, but yield big results

by Naomi Dunford  |  9450 views  |  13 comments  |        Rate this now! 

5.) Revamp your signature line. I was on a forum the other day, poking around and scoping for work. Oh, did I say work? I meant “buying an apron.” I will grant you that this wasn’t the plan, but the woman’s signature line was so compelling I had to investigate. Out came the Mastercard and I became the proud owner of a black and white toile apron.

Did I mention I don’t cook? I try to avoid cleaning, too. But I digress.

My point is, your promo copy -- whether it’s in email signatures or your social media profiles or your forum posts -- is a powerful marketing tool, especially with people who don’t already know you. Think about it. You can say whatever you want to an active, targeted, and essentially captive audience, and you don’t even need to be there! The impact of this step should never be overlooked.

Give these ideas a try. They can’t hurt. If they don’t work, you can always fall back on standing at a street corner in a chicken costume handing out flyers.

13 comments so far...

  • I really like these ideas and feel that they could be used in any stage of business

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by JennaC2010 on 16th March 2011

  • I love this advice simply because if you work at home you are isolated. Thanks for reminding us that there is a world outside of ours.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Deborah Long on 15th March 2010

  • I'm learning a lot about Internet marketing with my Scentsy business. It's forced me out of my comfort zone and I'm so grateful for it!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 12th March 2010

  • Thanks, Naomi, I'm off to meet new people and hand out my business cards currently collecting dust in a drawer...and take a serious look at my signature line.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan Newman, Ph.D. on 4th December 2008

  • Great words of inspiration. I am very guilty of staying at my computer to build a business. Thanks to you, today I plan to make some phone calls while waiting for my daughter at her piano lesson. Phone is charged and ready to go.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by lynn59 on 29th September 2008

  • Great articles - thanks!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Docia Lynn on 21st August 2008

  • This was a great article! Do you have suggestions on how to market online? I am new to working with the internet. Most of my business has been built through face to face conversations. But I am looking to expand.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by empowered on 5th August 2008

  • Great advice! I was tired of that BearHugs costume...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Ymke Dioquino on 4th March 2008

  • Great ideas. Maybe I can increase my sales..

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mississippi Songbird on 10th February 2008

  • Oh my...these are great suggestions, thanks a lot!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Desi on 10th February 2008

  • Wonderful suggestions!! And very motivating, too.

    This reminds me of a former boss of mine, a journalist who never seemed at a loss for interesting new local news-type stories. His advice: make it your mission to meet ten new people every week, minimum. Obviously, you get to network with tons of people. But it also gets at your main point - don't get complacent and stuck in your comfort zone.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 6th February 2008

  • Great article -- I love the idea of sneaking a business card trail wherever I go!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Linda on 5th February 2008