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How to Help Your Child with Homework

Get involved now to help your child work up to his or her potential

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Your child's grades are your child's responsibility, but teaching your child to care about his or her performance in school is yours. Every child is different when it comes to their personalities, their work ethics, and their level of true concern over their grades.

By getting involved with your child’s daily homework, you can keep a close eye on him. Talk with him regularly about what he is working on in school. Ask him for his grades each week so you can keep track of his class averages, and help him study for his tests.

Some of these strategies will assist you in helping your child to stay on top of their grades and working up to their potential:

1.) Ask your child daily what he is working on in school. This will identify any upcoming projects or large writing assignments that you would want to know about.

2.) Buy your child an assignment journal in which to record her daily assignments. Check this weekly, and reward her for using it every day.

3.) Get involved in major projects and writing assignments. Your child will love the attention, and he will really benefit from this one-on-one tutoring. Help him break down the project with due dates and priorities. This will teach them to be organized.

4.) Ask them daily if they received any grades that day. Show her how to keep a running tally of their average in her classes. Post it on the refrigerator, or on a note board in her homework area. This will help her manage their grades, and keep her on track for her report card.

5.) Congratulate him on each good grade, and also talk about how good he must feel about himself. Remember, your goal is to have your child doing this hard work for his or her self, taking pride in his or her own work.

6.) Make a homework time for the whole family. Designate a certain time every night when homework is completed. Also, designate a quiet, distraction-free area.

7.) Make a rule that your child tell you about quizzes and tests the night before. This will allow you to check in on her knowledge and help her study.

All of your involvement will result in your children feeling loved, well cared for, and, above all, more organized in their schoolwork!

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