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Customer Service: Can I Help You?

You won't believe some of the questions I've been asked

by Catherine  |  2404 views  |  4 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Most of the time I really enjoy my work. But some days it just gets me down. It's not the long hours or the stress of the usual things that can go wrong in any business. It's the customers.

I've been in the mail-order business, selling natural baby products, for more than 22 years. And most of my dealings with my customers have been wonderful and so gratifying! It is great to know I am helping the environment and tons of moms and babies. But some days, my customers' questions drive me crazy, and I want to say what's really on my mind. Sadly, the following are all real questions! (And yes, I did answer each and every one, kindly and carefully, to the best of my ability.)

Q: What is the current exchange rate? (This person wasn't even buying something from me -- he was buying software from someone else and was angry when I said I hadn't checked that day.)

Q: My wife and I are going on holiday. Where do you suggest we go? (Have you considered Timbuktu? I heard it is beautiful this time of year!)

Q: I love (some Canadian chocolate). Could you go and buy a box of it and send it to me? I will send you a check when it arrives here. (Certainly! Don't bother sending a check, just know that we love our customers enough to do these little things for them!)

Q: We want to buy (something I don't carry). Would you search the Net for us and find one for the best price? (Certainly! It's been a slow day here anyway, and I was wondering what to do with my spare time.)

Q: My husband is a teacher. It's the end of May and he doesn't get paid again till September. Could you send me 36 diapers and an assortment of covers now, and I promise to send you payment in September? (Of course! And can you tell all your friends that we are giving away merchandise?)

Q: I am writing a paper for school. Will you write out all the reasons why, costs and concerns, etc. on using cloth diapers. I need the paper in by tomorrow morning and don't have time to do the research myself. (Would you like that single or double spaced?)

Q: My friend doesn't have Internet access. Will you print off your entire site and mail it to her? (I currently have nearly 1,100 pages!)

Q: I can't figure out how to wash these diapers. Will you come to my house and do it for me? (Certainly! I will jump into my private jet and get right over there!)

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4 comments so far...

  • Really, really, funny stuff. Thanks for the laugh.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by relaxnsmile on 8th February 2008

  • Oh goodness. This is truly unbelievable stuff. Thanks for sharing!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 8th February 2008

  • Very entertaining.... thanks!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 7th February 2008

  • OMG, this is hilarious. I'm not surprised that you have had to deal with some of this but, come on, outgrown the diapers? I don't know if I could be so polite in the face of such idiocy. Guess I'll stay away from customer service positions!! Thanks for sharing this Catherine.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 7th February 2008