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Working moms and the balancing act

Practical tips on managing work and home

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A working mother wears many hats – parent, adviser, chef, chauffeur, housekeeper and full-time professional. Is it easy? No! Can it be done? Yes! By walking the balancing beam every day, working mothers, the world over, can achieve their career goals while enjoying life as mom and home manager too.

Being a full-time professional and a mom, I understand how challenging balancing life can be. Here are some of the ways in which I achieve balance and harmony in my life as mom and professional.

Look for Balance

Begin by seeking your own sense of balance.  What you consider a balanced life may not appeal to others, and vice versa. Seeking balance often requires us to let go of something, whether it is an activity or a chore. It means making a choice about what is most important for you (as an individual, professional and a mother) and your family. Balance is not tangible or constant, it is something that is often earned or developed over time – especially when it comes to flexibility in the workplace. We have to accept that we all define balance for ourselves, which is why I recommend withholding judgment regarding the work-life decisions other women make. 

Stay Flexible

While a routine or a schedule is a working woman’s best friend, it pays to be prepared for the unexpected and learn to be flexible.   Not only will your stress levels be lower, but you’ll be better able to react to immediate situations and remain a stable person for your family and co-workers to rely upon.  So, if a routine works this week, don’t take it for granted that it will work the entire month. Adapting to change is an essential part of feeling balanced.

Know Your Priorities and Set Your Own Boundaries

Knowing what is most important to you and your family will help you stay flexible and balance work-life better.  Try to avoid taking work-related frustrations home so that you don’t eat into precious family time feeling miserable or anxious about work!  Focus on work at work, and on your family at home.  In my experience, combining the two (as in sending emails on your Blackberry while playing with your kids at the park or talking extensively about your family at work) can send mixed signals to both co-workers and family members, and won’t help achieve the level of satisfaction at both work and at home that we often seek.  Set your boundaries and priorities according to your core values and you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment at both work and at home.

Recognize Signs of Imbalance

Feeling disgruntled? Resentful?Or simply too tired to enjoy anything? These may be signs that you lack balance and need to either let go of something or bring in structure.  Identifying signs of imbalance will help you stop, pause and check to see what needs to be done in order to restore the smile on your face{ or your kids’} and put a song in your heart!  Sometimes, just taking a day off for yourself and clearing your head benefits your relationship with your family and your performance at work.  

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