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10 things childcare providers want parents to know

Tips and tricks for making childcare work

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Is now a good time to talk?

Have you tried having an important phone conversation when your children are running laps around the house? It's hard. Same goes for your provider. If you want to have an important or lengthy conversation with them, ask for a good time to call. Sometimes this is at nap time, and sometime it's at night. 

Please wipe your feet

Be respectful that while your provider is running a business, it's also their home. Wipe your feet, shake umbrellas outside, leave your shoes at the door - anything you can do to help keep the house clean is appreciated. 

We have a schedule around here

Managing several kids takes scheduling for the day to go smoothly. If you are dropping your child off after meal time is over, make sure they have a full belly. If you're dropping off or picking up during naptime, try to be as quiet as possible. If children should be dropped off by a certain time in the morning, or picked up by a certain time at night, follow those times as close as possible. If you're going to be early or late, call your provider and let them know. 

Let's talk money

Your provider is caring for your child, but they are also running a business. Make sure you pay on time, whatever schedule has been agreed to by both you and the provider. If you think you are going to have trouble paying on time, talk with your provider and work out a solution. 


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