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Should You Add Audio to Your Marketing Campaign?

How audio options can boost your response

by Patrysha Korchinski  |  2265 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

Do you remember jingles from your childhood? Most adults do, and that is the power of audio. It improves recollection over print only advertising and costs substantially less than video advertising.

Whether you sell locally in a specific geographic range or you make your products available globally, there's likely an audio option that will help you meet your goals.  There are radio stations that appeal to almost every taste, and where those aren't tightly niched enough for your business, podcasts offer a global smorgasbord of prospects.

Even if you aren't fully versed in all the intricacies of developing an effective commercial, there is plenty of experts available to consult with to develop a plan of action for your radio campaign. Writing and production services are readily available for both traditional radio and internet radio.

Many entrepeneurs dismiss radio advertising because they percieve it to be expensive. There are many options that can lower the price of your campaign, even in a larger center. It just takes a little knowledge and that is easily and widely available. The potential return on investment makes it well worth your while to consider your audio options.

Podcast advertising is understandably overlooked, as a relative newcomer to the marketing scene -- it's not a wide-spread practice yet. It is interesting to note that car companies are starting to take advantage of podcast advertising and other social media marketing methods. It's always worth keeping an eye on what car companies are doing.

Generally speaking, you should be able to at least double your investment with a well thought out radio advertising campaign. A podcast campaign may produce variable results depending on the specifics of your target market. If you are targeting something towards internet novices, then podcasts may not be an ideal option for your marketing needs.  However, in most other circumstances you can expect a good stream of targetted traffic in comparison to the investment.

Overall, audio makes a very logical addition to the marketing toolbox for most businesses. Whether it's used strictly online or jumps into traditional radio, an audio campaign can boost your repsonse rates and generate interest in your key demographic targets. It's a cost effective option that's worth exploring.






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  • Google radio ads offers an interesting approach to buying radio time.


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