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5 Ways to Show Integrity in Business

It can set you apart in this day and age

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In a world where crime is a constant and fraud is committed everyday, we long to find people that we can trust and opportunities to work together where we do not feel threatened or scared of the possible outcome. As a business owner, you want to put our best foot forward and ensure that your clients see you as being “different from the others” in one way or another.  Having integrity in your business can set you apart from the pack very quickly. 

There are many ways to show your customers that you have integrity.  Here are just a few of them:

1.) Be passionate about your business.  It is important that you are in a business or career that you love in the first place. If you are, it makes it easier to show your passion.  So, do a heart check before going into any given business opportunity and make sure that you can be truly passionate about it, so that the passion you have will shine through to the customers.

2.) Be upfront.  Share information with your customers or clients from day one.  Do not withhold information from them because you are afraid you’ll lose a sale or not make as much money in the end.  You need to want more than anything to do what is right, not only for you, but for your client as well.  Withholding the truth will only serve you poorly in the end. 

3.) Appreciate your clients.  Showing appreciation can go a long way in helping your customer to see that you are genuine and can be trusted.  Give your customers extra to show your appreciation, not to bribe them into doing more for you or spending more money with you.  Just give back to them to show that you are grateful for their business and loyalty. 

4.) Be personable and available.  You might be the boss, the head honcho, or the CEO, but that does not mean that you should hide away in your office, never to be seen by anyone but your employees after all the clients and customers are gone.  You want to be seen by everyone as someone who truly cares; you want to be available to help meet the needs of your clients.  Availability to others also shows your integrity.

5.) Take responsibility for your mistakes.  Let’s face it: We all mess up.  We are not perfect and we will make mistakes.  When you do take responsibility and try to make things right.  Your clients will appreciate you for it and will be more likely to forgive your mistake than if you tried to cover it up and not tend to it. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can show integrity in your business on a daily basis, helping others to trust you with their time and their money. 

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Alyssa Dees Avant is a Christian author, blogger, podcaster, speaker, and business owner, when she is not speaking to audiences of young girls and their mothers, she is writing as a freelance and ghostwriter. Visit her on the web at or

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