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How to go from full-time to a flexible schedule

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Are you sitting at your desk at work day dreaming about being able to have more time with your family or being at the gym in the middle of the day? What ever your personal reason might be is not just fantasy anymore.

Going from a full 40 plus hour work week to a more flexible schedule is a realistic goal for some.

Do Your Homework: First find out if your company has a policy regarding a more flexible work schedule. Prepare a proposal for your employer. Have all your ideas and expectations in place before hand. Is time-sharing an option? If you have no luck with your current employer, look for smaller companies that allow flexible, part-time, or time-share opportunities. Outsourcing and freelance opportunites might also be a way to go. Many large companies today are offering employees outsource opportunities.

Ask Around: Do you know anyone else who is working a flexible schedule? Ask them how they learned about it, what to avoid, and who to contact. They will be able to point you in the right direction and how to keep from making the same mistakes they made. Be specific, this will make it easier for others to know exactly how to help you.

Be flexible in looking for the perfect situation: You must know what you are looking for. Consider different options and how they will work for you and your family. Create a plan and execute it.

Dana Kavouklis


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